SWPOA does it best to honor the desire of residents owners to live in peace and tranquility and a friendly and pleasant environment.  While private, most of us are slow to know our neighbors, but once known, we prize their consideration for clean streets, appreciation for a noise-free, noise-reduced community, crime free and neighborly attitudes.

  1. Worked with City Planners to AVOID using SWPOA Areas for Alternate Traffic Routes.

  2. Acting AGAINST the Proliferation Of Short Term Rentals (STR) within SWPOA Boundaries

  3. Provided Dumpsters for Association Members

  4. Facilitated, both financially and through political contacts the creation of the neighborhood connector at 175 Stations West.

  5. Influenced the City to replace the Posse Grounds baseball field lights with a design more appropriate to a residential area.  Thanks to Bob Carabel of the Dark Skies Coalition for his research.

  6. Caused the City to relocate the Public Works Yards from Posse Grounds to Contractors Row.

  7. Influenced the City to eliminate consideration of Posse Grounds for a Multi-Agency (City, School District, and Fire District etc.) Fueling Depot.

  8. Participated with City Staff and other abutting subdivisions in the creation of a master development, operation, and maintenance plan for Posse Grounds.

  9. Caused the City to eliminate 175 Stations West as a proposed site for a cell tower.

  10. Influenced City to remove power pole and obsolete pump station from Posse Grounds.

  11. Urged City to recover Public Works and to replant with wild flowers which in turn caused elimination of public access dirt road adjacent to Sedona West.

  12. Requested City to install Bocce Ball court in Public Works Yard area. (This was an Eagle Scout Project to install)

  13. Suggested City pave connector for West Sedona School Grounds to Zane Grey as part of the “Bike to School” funding.

  14. Collaborated with City to Advance Sedona West Street Repaving via use of a Conventional Repaving on Collector Streets and Less Costly Repaving Method on Neighborhood Streets.

  15. Responded to Members Reporting CC&Rs Violations

  16. Provided Architectural Reviews

  17. Promoted CC&R Compliance and Contacted Violators to Resolve Issues

  18. Currently Involved to STOP the Practice of Short Term Rental in SWPOA Areas

  19. Resolved Parked Car Issues

  20. Resolved Noise Complaints

  21. Resolved Pet Waste

  22. Acted AGAINST ATV Routes and Noises

  23. Acted AGAINST loud Music from Concerts