Benefits to SWPOA Association Members

In the past, our $30 annual membership dues have covered the cost of the dumpster(approximately $6,000 per year), corporate fees, insurance, and operational expenses. As we all know, many times resolving annoying situations that are a violation of CC&Rs may be challenging when violators do not want to refrain from breaking rules. Since 1971, the Sedona West Property Owners Association has provided continuous conflict resolution and monitoring of CC&RS for the maintenance of our beautiful peaceful surroundings and will continue to do so, with the support of its current voluntary members.

One of the reasons why many bought properties in SWPOA is because of the protections offered by the CC&RS, supported by an Association that has been committed for over 40 years to continue maintaining the peaceful and tranquil environment in the neighborhood. Why Change NOW? Just because some property owners refuse to honor the CC&RS and want to allow Short Term Rentals, forcing the Board to pay Attorneys to protect the current CC&RS and all members not wanting Short Term Rentals in SWPOA?!




What are Some of the Benefits of Joining the Sedona West Property Owner Association?

Our Association Supports and Provides the Enforcement of the Current CC&Rs, Guided by the Association By Laws, and

Volunteer Board members. Our Primary Mission is to Help SWPOA Members to Resolve CC&R Violations, like:

1 - Disturbances from Home Run Businesses In SWPOA Neighborhoods

2 - Inappropriate or Multiple Visible Signage (Some Signs Are Approved)

3 - Visible Vehicle Storage

4 - Street Parking

5 - RV’s

6 - Trailers

7 - Architectural Issues

8 - Unkempt Landscaping

9 - Nuisance Noise Problems

10 - Pet Waste

11 - Recurring Disturbances

12 - Short Term Rental (STR) Violations



While legal action is never the Board's intent, except as a last resort, enforcing the CC&R Violations is costly. Individually, this would be difficult for most property owners. However, depending on the size of our voluntary membership, the Board may help the property owners in the Voluntary Member Association pursue action against any property owners in Sedona West (SWPOA) that Choose to Violate the revised CC&Rs.

JOIN US to continue maintaining our beautiful peaceful surroundings, along with the wonderful red rock scenery, animals, and plant world!

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