A major issue for residents of Sedona West and SWPOA has been Short Term Rentals of property in this community. On October 15, 2016, SWPOA's past President Kit Hinsley and the board sent out a letter to all homeowners outlining SB1350 and how the new legislation would affect the property owners. The letter explained how Short Term Rentals could not be banned by local governments in Arizona, however, neighborhood associations could still prohibit Short Term Rentals. The letter reiterated that Short Term Rentals are not allowed in Sedona West per Section B(5) of the Declaration which states: "An entire lot, together with any improvements, may be rented for a minimum of thirty (30) days by the owner for single-family occupancy, but not otherwise, any property owner or any agency acting on behalf of a property owner, shall inform a person or persons renting said property of these restrictions and ascertain that they are complied with." Some property owners were, and continue to be, unhappy with this restriction.


However, SWPOA has received numerous complaints about Short Term Rental (STR) violations. STRs became a topic of discussion at every board meeting through 2017 without any formal action being taken. In the first quarter of 2018, having being patient with CC&Rs Short Term Rental (STR) violators, Board Members decided they had to uphold the Association primary mission - CC&R enforcement.  In response to several Association member complaints, in May 2018, the Board hired attorney Miller to send violation of restriction notices to property owners operating STRs. As a result of those notices, and continued issues raised by residents in this Community, the Board has taken to further investigate these issues in an attempt to resolve the various owners concerns. This letter is, at least in part, an effort toward that end.

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