SWPOA ~ Now A Voluntary Association


SWPOA is now a voluntary association.

In March of 2019, the board held a special Board meeting where it announced to the property owners in attendance, that SWPOA will now operate as a voluntary membership association going forward. As directed by its attorney, Ms. Mulcahy, the board has amended its bylaws by removing the mandatory membership language in Article III, titled "Membership," and replacing it with voluntary membership language instead. The property owners that decide to join SWPOA's voluntary association will be required to vote to approve the proposed bylaw changes pursuant to the procedures outlined in ARS §1 0-11 003. In order for you all to make an educated decision as to whether or not to join the new voluntary association, we have listed member benefits from joining. The voluntary association include continuing architectural review, having a voice in community affairs, and utilizing SWPOA against CC&R violators.


Since 1971, the Sedona West Property Owners Association, and with the best of intentions for the common good, many SWPOA property owners have worked together to create SWPOA. SWPOA has focused on providing services to all of the Sedona West property owners in order to both improve and protect our extraordinary quality of life and right to the quiet enjoyment of our homes. Over the years, our collective voice has been heard at city council meetings on issues such as ball field lights, amplified outdoor events, cell tower installations, park, school and tourism activities - all things that could have adversely compromised our serene neighborhood environment. The SWPOA Architectural Control Committee has ensured that hundreds of new homes enhance our streetscapes, and our Public Relations representatives have respectfully resolved a wide variety of violations and disputes with only three minor court actions in the late 1980's. The Association's bi-annual dumpster program has been economical, convenient, and effective in our collective effort to keep Sedona West beautiful.